Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cat and Greg's Wedding

A few weeks ago,  Shinay and I had the opportunity to photograph our college friends wedding in Albany, New York.  We had a great time and were excited to once again photograph Cat and Greg since we had previously photographed their engagement too.  (Which can be found here.)

The wedding took place at Cat's home church called Corpus Christi and the reception took place at a local venue called the Edison Club.  All day it down poured rain and was very dark and gloomy outside.  So we hoped that everyone could still be in high spirits for the wedding.  We were happy to find that there were only smiles, laughs and excitement.  That day, there wasn't any sadness over the inconvenient weather.  Instead, there were many hugs and old stories told that brought laughter and fond memories.  We had found out later that many of the friendships had begun in early high school days and we could both see how important keeping those ties were to everyone.

We truly wish Cat and Greg, their friends and families our very best and know that the love that they hold for each other is meant to last.


Erin and Shinay