Friday, November 30, 2012

Maritime Parc: Samra and Eric

A west coast twist on an Indian wedding is the only way to describe Samra and Eric's two day affair. Each of them were escorted in by their family with special items and adorned with beautiful cloths. The room was filled with so much love, color, and laughter. Everyone's clothes were stunning, to say the least. The bride and groom sat upon a stage were family came one by one and greeted them. During this custom each person takes a piece of food from a tray and feeds it to the bride and groom. They wished them well on their marriage and gave them gifts.  Afterwards the bride's family preformed a dance in honor of her. Next the groom and his friends and family preformed a very non traditional Indian dance for the Bride and her family. The guys tried their best and were very entertaining. Last but not least Samra and her court danced to a song. Her court was comprised of women from all over the United States. For everyone to learn the dance Samra had to record the steps and place the video on Youtube. To my surprise everyone was in sync as if they had weeks of practice. They all practiced together ONCE (The day of!). 

The next day Samra and Eric exchanged vows at Maritime Parc located in Liberty State Park in Jersey City. Samra, dressed in her traditional Saree; while Eric wore in a modern day gray suit. The space which they got ready in was white and bare. This gave a great contrast for the ornate sarees which all the women wore. It was a complete contrast though to the vibrancy and the colors seen and felt the first night. Their first dance was performed by the Bride's cousin. It was a beautiful way to end the night.

                                                                          DAY 2