Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ceder Lakes Estate: Mallory + Patrick

Finding it a challenge to locate a venue? Maybe you aren't looking at all of your options. Time and time again couples select venues due to convenience of the location or are forced into a venue because they want a specific date.  Here is a crazy question: Shouldn't a couple choose a venue that they simply love? It can remind them of their first date, where they went on vacation and fell in love or a place that represents their personalities. When a venue is chosen based on a personal connection it adds a special link to the venue. It is not just a space; it transforms into an intricate part of your wedding day. People don't believe it but that special connection matters. When you love your venue you want to take pictures and lots of them! I will expand upon this in a different post.

I was elated that I was chosen to photograph Mallory and Patrick's wedding. It broaden my thinking as to what can be considered a "wedding venue". Mallory and Patrick hosted their day at Ceder Lakes Estate; a former summer camp. This beautiful, mountainous property allowed their guest to unwind before the ceremony. Guest participated in lawn games, zip-lining, swimming in the lake, and lounging by the pool. I loved the idea of their guest taking it easy while the bridal party got ready. Watching everyone partake in the activities revealed to me Mallory and Patrick's connection to the venue. They truly considered the happiness of their friends and family.