Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Crescent Beach Club: Dana + Jason

Jewish weddings are beautiful and very personal to me. I love the wedding traditions especially the meanings behind them. Typically throughout the ceremony the Rabbi will explain in detail the customs, where they derived from, and why the bride and groom are performing them. From these simple explanations I have learned to pay attention to different elements of the wedding and anticipate certain reactions to these moments.

When I was asked to photograph Dana and Jason's wedding, (3 days before the wedding!) I was beyond thrilled because I knew it would be a Jewish wedding. When I finally got to meet both of them I was amazed by their personalities (And their looks; I call them my "Barbie" and "Ken"). I have photographed many Jewish wedding but none would compare to the fun and laughter I experienced at this one. Typically once a Bride and Groom sign their Ketubah (wedding contract) the family cheers and then the bride and groom receive congratulations from their family. After Dana and Jason signed their Ketubah they high-fived! I love that throughout this day I got to witness them as they always are, themselves. 

Dana expressed to me how important it was that every one wore their wedding colors. She even gave her Father a tie that matched the exact colors of her wedding shoes. Jason incorporated the specific color by wearing a blue Yamaka (Again it matched perfectly) that was given out at Dana's Bat Mitzvah years before. 

Dana and Jason's day took place at the stunning Crescent Beach Club. The whole time I was there I forgot that I was in Long Island. I thought we were in Miami. If you are looking for a destination type wedding but still want to be in New York then you should check this place out: Crescent Beach Club

Congrats Guys!