Sunday, July 1, 2012

Crown Point Wedding: Seth + Cody

Lang Wedding

When you leave college you always wonder which one of your friends will be the first to do anything. Who will be the first one to land a job, or the first one to buy a house, or the first one to have kids, or the first one to get married? Well if we took bets after graduation, I surely would have lost because I would have never picked my good friend Seth Lang. (My money would have been on Erin.)  After I got that phone call from Seth inviting me to the wedding, I was shocked. But after thinking about the couple and their relationship, all my doubts simply melted away. I realized how much these people really loved each other.

Seth and Cody chose to get married at the British Fort in their hometown of Crown Point, NY. The Fort was a beautiful backdrop for their nuptials. Later, we risked our lives and took pictures in the middle of the Lake Champlain Bridge, which connects Crown Point and Vermont. Cody, the bride, has a beautiful, delicate illustration of the old bridge tattooed across her shoulders. Afterwards, we danced the night away at the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Minesville, NY.

 It was nice to see all of our old college buddies. I wish Seth and Cody Lang  nothing but the best!