Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Heather and Micah's Engagement Shoot, Warner Castle

A couple of weeks ago, while the flowers and lilacs of Rochester were still in bloom, Erin and I ventured out to Warner Castle in the city of Rochester, to photograph our friends, Heather and Micah, for their engagement shoot.  We've always known and heard about Warner Castle and Erin has even done a small photo project of the building but never have we taken the time to look look around and see all of the grounds.

Built in 1854, Horatio Gates Warner designed his home to resemble the ancestral castle of the Douglas Clan which captivated his fancy during a visit to Scotland.  And the area was captivating indeed.  From the amorous castle to the enchanting sunken gardens behind the castle, there were whimsical ideas of old romance and quiet beauty.  And when a space can really reflect who a couple is, the photographs become something more than a pretty picture but a story with great meaning.  Erin and I had fun discovering the many small treasure-like spaces to shoot Heather and Micah.

Near the end of our session, we returned back to Heather and Micah's apartment to do another photoshoot of them together with their new golden retriever puppy, Zarah.  Let's just say that puppies can make any photos better!  Zarah was very happy and willing to be the center of attention as we snapped away.  The whole shoot went amazing and we really enjoyed our time with Heather and Micah.  We can't wait until December to shoot their wedding!


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Lyndsay and Christopher's Wedding

Last Saturday, Shinay and I drove down to Alfred, New York for Lyndsay and Christopher Burr's Wedding at Lake Lodge, a part of Alfred State College.  Both of us had never been in Alfred and were happily surprised by all the rolling hills that surrounded the country-side area.  And when we arrived at Lake Lodge, we were even more happy to find a beautiful lodge set behind a pond on a hill with a forest surrounding the land and hills.  The day was warm and breezy with a hint of a storm but we were fortunate enough to capture the outdoor ceremony and formals all before the first rain drop fell.

It's great when you get couples that really want to make the most out of their wedding photography.  Chris and Lyndsay were very cool and calm during the whole day. When we requested silly craziness like jump shots, lifeguard stands and more, they simply smiled, shrugged their shoulders and asked us when and where!  It was nice to know that we were able to get great shots as we made our couple and bridal party walk up and down the hilly land at Lake Lodge.

Besides posing, we were also lucky enough to have such great photos because of our talented and artistic bride!  Lyndsay pulled out all the stops and decorated, colored, painted and created almost all the decorations at the ceremony and reception.  From whimsical parasols with gold engraving to stunning and elegant boutineers and bridal bouquet, Shinay and I weren't at a loss of props and wedding still life shots.

Into the evening, there was a great reception with amazing food, music and dance.  Speeches were given by old and long time friends.  Lyndsay and Chris had a non-traditional cupcake-cake, so everyone had a great time eating cupcakes and dancing all night.  The happiness and high spirits were so infectious that even Shinay and I paused for a moment and busted a few moves on the dance floor!  We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Lyndsay and Chris' family and friends and wish them the best in their new lives together!


Erin and Shinay
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