Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Giando on the Water: Natasha + Phil

It took awhile but after a few email exchanges I finally got the opportunity to met Natasha and Phil via Skype. Just by that one conversation I could tell they were kind-hearted, genuine people who were unusually calm before their wedding. I was even more surprised at how calm Natasha was when I met her at the Nu Hotel in Brooklyn on her wedding day. Her hotel room was a tranquil environment free of any nervousness. It was a photographer's paradise. She was fully wrapped in the moment and unaware that I was around. That is when I am able to capture the most raw of moments. 

I loved the gold robes worn by her bridesmaids. It made her white "Bride" robe pop!

Natasha had a first look with her bridesmaids. I cannot get over their expressions when they saw her for the first time. It was the perfect reaction!
 Natasha wore a chic, fashion-forward three piece wedding gown. She paired a lace corset with a sleek tulle skirt and a sparkly capelet. The details in the crystal encrusted capelet were an absolute dream.
Kim, the bride's amazingly supportive maid of honor helped with her last minute details. 
Natasha's father was overwhelmed with joy when he saw his little girl as a bride for the first time. This had to be my favorite moment of the day. 

Phil sent Natasha a touching letter that moved her to tears. An alluring moment right before she met him down the aisle. 

Natasha was escorted down the aisle by her extremely proud father! 

The ceremony took place over looking the East River at Giando on the Water, in Brooklyn, NY. The beautiful weather allowed for them to see the Williamsburg Bridge and city skyline in the background.

 The "Congrats" signs aded a sweet touch to the ceremony and recessional.

 Nothing is better than the smiles of the Bride and Groom while they are walking up the aisle together for the first time as husband and wife.
The golden rays from the sunset glistened over the gold and pink decorations in the hall. 

I love the pairing of Natasha's elegant corset dress with Phil's white jacket and bow tie.

 Thank you to Natasha and Phil for the opportunity to be apart of your special day!