Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Swan Club: Mindy + Nate

When I found out Mindy and Nate were getting married at the Swan Club I was elated because it reminded me of two great days in my life: My high school prom and my own friend’s wedding (which I photographed). I hoped this day would be just as enjoyable as all the others. Mindy and her bridesmaids got ready at a hotel in Long Island City.
 As soon as I got there Mindy wanted to revel to her bridesmaids the dress she had selected. Over the phone she told me three things about the dress. 1. It’s Lazaro 2. It’s PINK and 3. It’s Big!
You can tell by the reaction how surprised they were. After they got over the initial shock they all agreed and said” That dress is so Mindy!”
Her shoes were a beautiful floral pattern that matched her garden wedding
I absolutely loved seeing Mindy and her mother interact. It was nice to see how close they were. I cherish these moments because not ever Bride gets to have them.
Instead of a veil Mindy wore a lace headpiece that complimented her full ball gown very well. The headpiece was made with lace from her mother's wedding dress. She combined her Something Old with her Something New.  Love It!!!!
Its refreshing to see a different style of bridesmaid dresses. Don't be afraid to do a pattern ladies! 
Mindy specifically requested this shot so she can see her family and friends in the background of this pivotal moment in her and Nate's new life together.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Washington Square Park: Victoria + James:

When I was contacted by Victoria and James about an engagement session in Washington Square Park I was honestly excited and honored. Whenever a couple ask me to photograph their wedding I am always honored to be selected amongst all the great photographers that are out there. However this was a bit different. They initially met in Canada but had their first date in New York City. It was only fitting that they would come back to NYC for their engagement shoot! Now can you see why I was so excited? Them making this trip to New York showed me how important New York City is to them and how it played into their love story.

 I arrived early to the shoot to scope out locations and saw this courtyard that belongs to NYU it was just across the street from the park. The students didn't mind us taking over. 

     As we walked a bit further we enter into their old stomping grounds where they would hang out in the city. Like this comedy club; The Comedy Cellar.
We took an Uber cab and headed over to Central Park where we continued our session.
 I had to add a little New York element to this photo! Do you see it?
Victoria and James flew from Canada to New York for their love story to come full Circle. Thank you for letting me tell another chapter in your story.

Monday, June 1, 2015

The High Line: Engagament Photos: Christine + Lorenzo

I remember Christine and Lorenzo pulling up in their car at the High Line for our shoot. I watched as Christine exited the car with a full tulle skirt and two very large balloons. I was ecstatic to see the balloons because I knew that this couple and session were going to be light-hearted and fun. The High Line was the perfect backdrop for their engagement shoot. The unique visual aspect of the park added a bit of flair to the pictures.      

The session started in a crowded area. I wanted to stay away from those spots just to give the couple a chance to warm up to the crowd and my camera. I pulled the Christine and Lorenzo out of there and selected this pathway. It still had some people but you really could not tell by the photographs.

 If you are wondering I am holding the balloons in all of these shots. I am multi-talented :)

I loved what they wore to the engagement session. Christine’s denim shirt and tulle skirt coordinated well with Lorenzo’s suspenders and bow tie. Simple outfits stand out well in any setting! This is a great example of the perfect outfit for an Engagement Shoot!

Some grooms’ have a hard time relaxing in front of the camera but Lorenzo did not struggle with this. He was comfortable being himself and making Christine smile….She has a gorgeous smile!

You cannot tell by any of the photos but Christine was very shy….like I said, Lorenzo easily makes Christine laugh to lighten the mood…

It is always fun to bring along props to a shoot. It can be balloons, a book, or a bicycle. Keep in mind that they help to reflect your fantastic personalities and help you to settle into a shoot.