Friday, April 11, 2014

El Caribe Country Club: Becky + Koby

Location: El Caribe
CalligraphyDanica Cindell
Music: Arnaud Charpentier
MakeupAkiko Sakamoto

It is always a nice feeling when you meet a couple that you know is meant to be together. I have no doubts that Becky and Koby love and support each other because it shows in everything that they do. They have fun together no matter what I asked of them.  Before them I have never met a couple that is so spontaneous and a joy to photograph.They even made snow angels. That is the dedication and commitment every photographer dreams of on every shoot.

 I took them to DUMBO to do a few portraits before the wedding. They got married at El Caribe Country Club in Brooklyn. As you will see in the photographs they enjoyed every moment of their big day. Congrats guys!

Wedding Day