Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jason and Jessica's Wedding

Drawing true feelings and emotions from people can be hard.  There are times when we photograph polite and nice couples that like to occasionally pose and smile quietly for us but only when we ask them to.  They're mostly shy or very aware of our cameras and they tend to stiffen up when they pose.  But that's ok.  It's out job as the photographers to make them feel comfortable and happy.  We tell jokes, stories and ask questions.  We make them forget that there's an enormous lens pointed right at their faces and instead get them to act naturally, as if there weren't a camera in sight.  And only then can you begin to photograph true emotion.

When Shinay and I photographed Jason and Jessica in September, we didn't even get a chance.  Our couple were so comfortable in front of our lenses and had every emotion show on their faces.  Tears were shed when handwritten vows were read.  Warm smiles and hugs were given throughout the receiving line.  All throughout the day and into the night, Jason and Jessica kept making the goofiest faces and poses.  And I think it was the first time, I actually had to ask a couple to pose seriously for a set of formal pictures that they had requested.  Seriously!  Neither the bride nor the groom could shake a smile off their faces and were so in love that each photograph taken was more romantic than the last.

Like I said before, it can be hard to photograph true emotion because people are just too aware of the camera recording everything but that day, Shinay and I were so fortunate to see so much love, tears, happiness and joy brought together by a simple marriage of two really great people.

I can say, without a doubt, that we have the best jobs in the world.  To be able to capture such amazing moments in a couple's lives and share it with others...there just aren't enough words, just photographs.  Jason and Jessica, here's to you!


Erin & Shinay
Something Blue Photography

Monday, October 4, 2010

Missy and Chris's Wedding

I can’t believe it! We have shifted from the summer wedding season into the fall. Compared to summer weddings, fall nuptials have a different personality. The tiny shifts that occur, with the change of the season, brings character to the wedding. There's no need to worry about being uncomfortable with summer's heat, but a feeling of relaxation in the air to be outdoors. Not only is there a change in weather, but there's an adjustment in the choice of attire, venues, a difference in d├ęcor, color schemes, floral arrangements, and ingredients used in food such as pumpkin, spice, and apple cider (which I love). 

We were very happy to begin our fall season photographing Missy and Chris’ wedding in Scottsville, New York. The wedding took place at a friend’s residence, who owned a beautiful garden area where the ceremony was held, and a charming barn used for most of the formal photographs. This location was very appropriate for the autumn theme of the wedding. The beautiful orange, yellow and red flowers that were featured in this wedding could be easily compared to the change of color in the leaves as fall approaches. It makes you think that the message this couple was going for was, no matter how the seasons change their love for each other will remain the same.    

Upon arrival at the venue, scarecrows dressed for the festivities that greeted everyone at the gate. Throughout the venue there were miniature pumpkins placed on top of bails of hay as table markers, so guests knew where to sit. The couple even had a cute pumpkin with their names carved into it. One tiny detail that I almost over looked was that they had their monograms hand stitched into a piece of their clothing. Chris’ name was placed on his tie and Missy’s name was on her sash. It was a great reminder throughout the day of the love that this couple shares.  It’s the tiny details like this that come together and make anyone's wedding day special.

Take Care,

Something Blue Photography