Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hoboken Engagement Session: Michelle + Michael

Being open to new experiences can lead to great opportunities. In this instance it meant letting go of the reigns of meticulous planning and taking a backseat. When Nicole and Michael asked me to do a portrait session in Hoboken I immediately planned a route that would produce the least amount of traffic and researched areas to photograph in. That’s just what I do! Then I started to think of alternative ways of traveling to Hoboken, since it is not that far from New York City. During my research I came across the New York Waterway Ferry. I discovered a way to travel, from the city to Hoboken, where I can let go of the reigns and just enjoy the view. This happy accident turned into the backdrop for my portrait session. When I mentioned the ferry to Nicole and Michael they were interested in trying something new. We walked around Hoboken to other locations I scooped out. Our last stop was the ferry. I know that Nicole and Michael’s biggest fear was that the photos would look like they were on the Titanic. I reassured them that there wouldn’t be any “I’m King of the World” shots. All in all the ferry ride gave us a beautiful backdrop and an opportunity to take in both Hoboken and New York City at the same time.