Friday, September 3, 2010

Irene and Richard's Wedding

Niagara Fall can have a chintzy feel to something romantic like love and weddings.  Trust me.  I've lived in the Niagara Falls area for most of my life, have seen quite a few passing weddings there by chance and could not avoid the great tourist appeal and site seeings.

But it's also energetic.  There's always an audience and an ever-changing scene; the falls.  Strangers come together and marvel at nature's grand force of moving and falling water.  And perhaps that is why Niagara Falls used to be THE top destination wedding/honeymoon spot.  Couldn't the similarities of the strong force of the falls equal that of a couples' love for each other?  Am I getting a bit too cheesy now?  ;-)

Either way, I was extremely excited to photograph Irene and Richard at the falls and later at their venue in Corfu, New York.  For me, visiting the falls and trying to photograph a wedding can be dangerous.  Not in the physical sense, but in the cheesy wedding pitfall-over the top-stereotypical sense.   Photographers beware

So I really challenged myself to think beyond simple and shoot something more complex.  It's easy to take a photograph, it's harder to observe through a photograph.  And that's something I hoped to achieve.  These images show more than another couple getting married at the Falls, they show Irene and Richard getting married at Niagara Falls with their friends and family.

Special thanks to Crystal for assisting me that entire day!


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