Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Alex and Bill's Wedding

A rainbow.

Clear blue skies.

Vibrant fall colors.

Add the Catskill Mountains with the rustic beauty of the Ukrainian Resort, Soyuzivka, friends and family and now you have the makings of a perfect fall wedding.

Shinay and I couldn't be more fortunate than to partake in Alex and Bill's, or otherwise known as Lesya and Vasyl, fall-themed wedding.  Every little detail seemed to be tied back to fall's colorful theme. The bridesmaids wore deep purple dresses.   Vows were proclaimed in front of a timely wooden chapel (where the bride and groom's parents were also married).  And beautiful center pieces included bright red apples and orange leaves.

Lesya and Vasyl made a regal entrance to their reception with a wonderful first dance choreographed by the groom himself. (A professional ball room dancer).  And yet with something as structured and formal as ballroom dancing, our couple kept things personal and fun by dancing to their favorite movie songs including the Indiana Jones and Lion King theme song.  The whole night in fact seemed to have a wonderful mix of grace and personality with amazing ball room dancing by all the guests (It is common for young Ukrainian boys and girls to learn formal ball room dancing as they grow up.) and a live band to keep things moving. 

We wish Lesya and Vasyl all the best and hope for many new adventures for them together [and with their trusty sidekick, R2-D2]

Mnohaya Lita!

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  1. these are beautiful! if I wasn't convinced before now I definitely am; I want a fall wedding for sure :)