Monday, June 1, 2015

The High Line: Engagament Photos: Christine + Lorenzo

I remember Christine and Lorenzo pulling up in their car at the High Line for our shoot. I watched as Christine exited the car with a full tulle skirt and two very large balloons. I was ecstatic to see the balloons because I knew that this couple and session were going to be light-hearted and fun. The High Line was the perfect backdrop for their engagement shoot. The unique visual aspect of the park added a bit of flair to the pictures.      

The session started in a crowded area. I wanted to stay away from those spots just to give the couple a chance to warm up to the crowd and my camera. I pulled the Christine and Lorenzo out of there and selected this pathway. It still had some people but you really could not tell by the photographs.

 If you are wondering I am holding the balloons in all of these shots. I am multi-talented :)

I loved what they wore to the engagement session. Christine’s denim shirt and tulle skirt coordinated well with Lorenzo’s suspenders and bow tie. Simple outfits stand out well in any setting! This is a great example of the perfect outfit for an Engagement Shoot!

Some grooms’ have a hard time relaxing in front of the camera but Lorenzo did not struggle with this. He was comfortable being himself and making Christine smile….She has a gorgeous smile!

You cannot tell by any of the photos but Christine was very shy….like I said, Lorenzo easily makes Christine laugh to lighten the mood…

It is always fun to bring along props to a shoot. It can be balloons, a book, or a bicycle. Keep in mind that they help to reflect your fantastic personalities and help you to settle into a shoot. 

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