Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Aryn and Rob's Engagement Shoot

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to shoot my friend's engagement shoot, Aryn. Her and her Fiance, Rob, have been together since the beginning of college and I've known Aryn since grade school. So it was a big honor to ask them if I could shoot their engagement photos and they happily said yes.

Aryn and I had been discussing areas around Rochester for a few weeks prior to the shoot and she brought up the canal and I thought of Schoen Place, in Pittsford, New York. Schoen Place is a cute and touristy spot by the Erie Canal. All the small little shops made great backgrounds and with some old barns and mills and bridges, we weren't at a loss for ideas.

Later, Aryn and Rob did a wardrobe change and we headed out to Cobbs Hill in the city of Rochester. Cobbs Hill is known as a training course for runners. I participated in a half marathon a year ago, so I would run up and down Cobbs Hill for training frequently and I always thought of the wonderful and panoramic views of the city while running. So I was super excited to finally take some great shots during the evening golden hours.

I won't bother explaining the photos, I'm sure that they'll just speak for themselves. ;-)


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