Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Erin and Scott's Wedding

A couple of weeks ago, Shinay and I ventured down to Warsaw, New York to shoot a wedding on an unexpected snowy Saturday.  Despite the terrible cold, rainy, snowy and tremendously windy weather, our bride and groom seemed in high spirits.  It was nice to know that something as unpredictable like the weather wouldn't get our couple down!  I knew things were going to be easy going when the groomsmen pulled out guns, rifles and a Samuri sword??!  Don't worry, it was just for a groomsmen shot and these guys were very safe when handling their equipment.  

And, for the first time, Shinay and I shot a wedding FULLY indoors with mostly strobes.  Most photographers can agree that natural light looks the nicest, gives better mood and best creativity can be found in nice outdoor spaces.  But we took it in stride and went with it.  We scoured every inch of the venue and even utilized a coat room.  In the end, both Shinay and I had to agree that our indoor reception photos came out the best!  The funky colored lights, lively activity and pure dancing energy really carried the photos.  Plus our bride, Erin, choose red as her color and it popped up everywhere in center pieces, cards and hanging Chinese paper lanterns.  We had a blast and wish both Scott and Erin our best!


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  1. Pictures turned out Great!

  2. very nice pictures...love them...great....good job cant wait to see them in person