Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Heather and Micah's Engagement Shoot, Warner Castle

A couple of weeks ago, while the flowers and lilacs of Rochester were still in bloom, Erin and I ventured out to Warner Castle in the city of Rochester, to photograph our friends, Heather and Micah, for their engagement shoot.  We've always known and heard about Warner Castle and Erin has even done a small photo project of the building but never have we taken the time to look look around and see all of the grounds.

Built in 1854, Horatio Gates Warner designed his home to resemble the ancestral castle of the Douglas Clan which captivated his fancy during a visit to Scotland.  And the area was captivating indeed.  From the amorous castle to the enchanting sunken gardens behind the castle, there were whimsical ideas of old romance and quiet beauty.  And when a space can really reflect who a couple is, the photographs become something more than a pretty picture but a story with great meaning.  Erin and I had fun discovering the many small treasure-like spaces to shoot Heather and Micah.

Near the end of our session, we returned back to Heather and Micah's apartment to do another photoshoot of them together with their new golden retriever puppy, Zarah.  Let's just say that puppies can make any photos better!  Zarah was very happy and willing to be the center of attention as we snapped away.  The whole shoot went amazing and we really enjoyed our time with Heather and Micah.  We can't wait until December to shoot their wedding!


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